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How to make your instrument last longer.

Hello to all musicians and music lovers. I will be furnishing you today with some information and adivce on how to make your instrument last longer. Here are some tips and tricks that I want to help you with, just for basic instrument care and maintenance. It can be very time consuming and not fun, but it makes a big difference in the profomance and life span of your instrument. If you are not a pro and own a cheap play at home kind of instrument you must have that instrument set up properly. It's better to play a well set up and clean cheap instrument than a badly set up expensive one. You can turn a very ordinary instrument into something special by spending time and a little extra cash. You should deep clean at least once or twice every year,because any instrument made of wood, metal or plastic will move and get loose, and the parts vibrate and move out of postion. You must change your strings regularly, at least every couple weeks if you’re playing the same instrument every day or every few months if you don’t play that often. To give your strings a longer life span keep a cloth (Cotton) in your bag or case and wipe the strings clean each time after you finish playing. New strings always make a big difference to tone and give your instrument a great feel.  Polish your instruments rgularly, apply lemon oil on rosewood fingerboards as it cleans the board of all the oil and muck from touching, and prevents the board from drying out and cause cracking. Learn to do your minor repairs and change your own strings for yourself. As a musician or aspire musician you should be able to change your own instrument strings. There are many different re-stringing methods like feed the string through the bridge and pull it tight over the nut and cut it off a few cm past the machine head. Then feed it through the machine head so that the end just past through, bend a kink into it and hold it there while winding the machine head and use your other hand to take out the slack.

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